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Limited edition
La bouche rouge The Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge The Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge model wearing The Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge The Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge model wearing the chocolate, blue and camel 21 Bag
Limited edition
La bouche rouge model wearing The Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge model wearing the chocolate, blue and camel 21 Bag
La bouche rouge the Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge The Blue 21 Bag
La bouche rouge Blue fine leather swatch
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Discover the new 21 Bag, a timeless upcycled leather crossbody for carrying your phone, credit card and lipstick. It can be bought alone, or accompanied by a fine leather lipstick case filled with the complimentary '21 satin' red shade.

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A tribute to the new, powerful heroines of the 21st century, the 21 Bag celebrates their ability to overcome any challenge with a smile and impeccable, red lips, working to strike a balance between their professional and personal life.

Perfectly effortless, the practical crossbody design includes an outer pocket to hold your lipstick case. The 21 Bag can be bought alone, or together with a leather case filled with an exclusive red shade: the 21 satin.

Please note that it may be a little difficult to slide your lipstick case into the 21 Bag the first few times. Leather naturally relaxes as you use it, so we wanted to make sure it stays tight enough to secure the case with continued wear in the years to come.

Size of the bag: 18 x 11 cm
Length of the bridle: 134 cm
Length when worn on the first hole: 120cm

Upcycled leather of structured nature
Alcantara lining inside the leather case holder
Metallic snap fastener La bouche rouge logo

Adjustable bridle (7 holes)
Lipstick case holder at the front of the bag
Notch for credit card inside the bag

The 21 Bag is a must-have leather accessory for carrying your essentials, with space for your phone, credit card and your favorite La bouche rouge lipstick.

While most smartphones are a perfect fit, please do note that some larger sizes, like the iPhone Max, are unfortunately too large.

We recommend cleaning your bag every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you use it. Simply apply a small amount of moisturizer or leather wax with a soft cloth for the best results. 

High quality: handmade refillable beauty essentials that last a lifetime. 

High responsibility: a brand that defends the world of tomorrow. 

High performance: natural and long-lasting formulas. 

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La bouche rouge model wearing the chocolate, blue and camel 21 Bag

French craftsmanship for design lovers.  Its exceptional leather is upcycled and conceived in France, applying the traditional craftsmanship and ancestral know-how of the Tanneries du Puy. Drawing on the final, unused meters of leather initially created for luxury fashion houses, it results in a luxurious, precious accessory that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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Crafted using leather from the Tanneries du Puy, the 21 Bag will undergo the natural ageing process associated with high quality leather. The outcome of this process will vary depending on how the bag is used. This means that, after a few years of owning it, your bag will become a unique reflection of its owner.

When not in use, store and transport your 21 Bag in its pouch to protect the leather and chrome. High temperatures or excessive humidity should also be avoided wherever possible.   

If you have any questions regarding the repair of your 21 Bag, please do not hesitate to email customer service at

Our beauty objects are manufactured from upcycled leather by the prestigious Tanneries du Puy, certified by the label Entreprise du 'Patrimoine Vivant’ (living heritage company), with a unique finish obtained through vegetable tanning.
Handcrafted from artisanal leather, veins, small marks or irregularities on the surface of the leather are natural characteristics of this quality of skin and are not considered as imperfections.

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La bouche rouge The Chocolate 21 Bag

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.