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La bouche rouge Viviane Sassen campaign model wearing La Lumière highlighter
La bouche rouge Viviane Sassen campaign model wearing La Lumière highlighter

Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking additional information regarding your La bouche rouge creations, our ingredients and more? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions below.

La bouche rouge Viviane Sassen campaign asian model wearing red lipstick with the shadow of a leaf on her face

Our clean formulas

We take the utmost care in formulating our products, selecting only ingredients that are entirely safe and effective. We guarantee that in addition to the 1300 ingredients prohibited in cosmetics by the European Union, our formulas are developed without beeswax, animal fat and microplastics.

Our "Black List", which defines all the ingredients banned from our formulas, can be viewed here. It is aligned with the most exigent lists curated by clean beauty industry leaders, including Credo and Detox Market.

Microplastics, or miniscule, plastic particles that are hardly visible to the eye, are often used in cosmetics and personal care products as emulsifying agents or fillers. These materials make their way from our homes, through our sewage systems and out into the oceans. Not only do these non-biodegradable particles destroy the environment, but once they are consumed by sea animals, these elements make their way along the food chain and ultimately become ingested by humans. It is thus indispensable that we avoid the use of microplastics when developing products.

La bouche rouge, Paris is a clean brand, though not all our ingredients are of natural origin. In crafting our products, we seek to ensure clean serum skincare formulas, as well as high-quality and sensoriality, for which synthetic pigments may be required. Nevertheless, we aim to infuse naturally-derived ingredients in our formulas whenever possible.

As a clean brand, we are committed to ingredient safety, even with regards to how each ingredient is sourced. The ingredients we use are selected for their quality, efficacy and origin, and are sourced with respect for both people and the planet. Our formulas are composed of a minimum of 60% active skincare ingredients to provide nourishing care while enhancing your natural beauty. Our lipsticks are safe for pregnant women.

To explore the exact ingredients of our skincare serum formulas, we invite you to look through the product description listed on each of our website's product pages.

Yes, all La bouche rouge's formulas are vegan and not tested on animals.

Yes, all La bouche rouge's formulas are gluten-free.

La bouche rouge, Paris does not test on animals. We also ensure that all of our suppliers abide by European laws, which have banned animal testing. We do not sell in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Our fine leather cases

At La bouche rouge, we have built sustainability into our product designs in order to both raise awareness around the overabundance of disposable packaging in the world, as well as to create beautiful objects that endure. We chose to replace plastic with fine craftsmanship by creating precious, refillable cases using upcycled leather from the Tanneries du Puy in France. Timeless objects that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

We have also developed our lipstick case and powder case in a black, vegan leather made from a unique, recycled fiber material created by Stella McCartney.

Some irregularities may appear on your case. It is a precious, handmade object, crafted in a traditional, artisanal manner. It is encloaked in a natural leather, with a unique finish obtained through vegetable tanning. As time passes and it is exposed to natural elements, this fine leather will develop a patina. When not in use, store and carry your case in its box to protect the leather and chrome, and keep it away from high temperatures and humidity.

The paper-encased refill can either be used as its own distinct lipstick / powder palette, or it can be placed inside the leather case.

To refill your La bouche rouge lipstick, take off the lipstick case’s leather cap, then gently pull out the metal insert containing the lipstick formula. Slip the new refill inside, which will magnetically adhere and click into place.

To refill Le Poudrier, gently insert a small, pointed object, such as a needle, into the hole hidden at the back of the compact case. Apply light pressure until the powder refill pops out. Place the new refill inside, lightly pressing upon it until it clicks into place.

To replace your mascara or eyebrow serum within the dedicated leather sleeve, simply push out the tube from the bottom and glide the new product inside.

We advise you clean your leather case every three to six months, depending on its use, to help ensure its durability over the long-term. Simply apply a small amount of hydrating cream or leather wax, using a gentle cloth.

If you have any questions concerning how to repair your leather piece, please contact our Customer Service team via

La bouche rouge Viviane Sassen campaign
La bouche rouge campaign

Our perfumes

Choose your perfume according to the emotion that feels the closest to you.

There are 5 olfactory universes for you to choose from:

Rouge: A seductive chypre floral with notes of cedarwood and patchouli

Blue: A burst of salty sea spray with notes of incense and lavender

Nude: A fruity floral with notes of rose, fig and bergamot

Rose: A green floral bursting with notes of rose, cranberry and lychee

Amber: A balmy amber floral with notes of raspberry and vanilla

In order to choose the extrait de parfum that suits you best, you can try the Manifest Set with samples of 5 of our extraits de parfum.

The Maison decided to offer the greatest perfumers the freedom to create their first masterpiece of clean and upcycled perfumery; a carte blanche without constraints. Faced with this palette of extraordinary ingredients, nearly forty perfumers mobilized in front of this new Eldorado.

The dialogue started, exchanges increased and formulas were born.

The olfactory and positive revolution began. Five proposals are retained: 5 colors, 5 emotions, 5 masterpieces.

Rouge : Dora Baghriche

Ambre : Coralie Spicher

Bleu : Alexis Grugeon

Nude : Alexandra Monet

Rose : Nicolas Bonneville

Once opened, the extraits de parfum cannot be returned.

In case of an issue with your extrait de parfum, you can contact the customer service.

To celebrate the launch of our 5 signature scents, we offer two perfume samples with every purchase above $25, £ and € for a limited time only.

Our perfume refills

Begin by unscrewing the pump from the glass bottle and breaking the aluminum tip of the refill tube. Insert the refill into the glass bottle and squeeze to release the extrait de parfum.

Made of aluminum, the refill is 100% recyclable. Once completely used, you can sort the tube in a recycling bin.

It is not necessary to clean your bottle between each refill, as long as you use the refill corresponding to your extrait de parfum.

The refill must be kept at room temperature.

No, the refill tube has been designed to be emptied out in your bottle in one try.

La bouche rouge campaign
La bouche rouge Viviane Sassen campaign model in front of the ocean


At La bouche rouge, our mission is to take eco-consciousness beyond a mere label, and make it a way of life. Every living being absorbs the pollutants released into nature, and as a brand, we are committed to doing our best to protect you and the planet.

That’s why we’ve developed non-toxic formulas, free of microplastics, petrochemical derivatives or silicones. These formulas are encased in refillable, plastic-free packaging, making our line environmentally responsible from A to Z: from formulation, through manufacturing, to the point of sale.

We know that the term “clean beauty” has been defined in many different ways. For our definition of what “clean beauty" means, clean for you and clean for the planet, discover our Brand page.

In French ‘surcyclage’ means ‘to recycle from above’. To make new, and better, out of old. To add value to the original and improve the quality of the finished product. Upcycling is the future of fine perfumery, a new era. For us, it means using patented technologies to both recover and upgrade raw material waste from a variety of industries, including perfume, design and food processing.

All our products are developed in France, with the exception of our brush collection. It is handcrafted in Osaka, Japan, following the tradition of Kaizen calligraphy and the philosophy of continuous improvement.

La bouche rouge, Paris is dedicated to making the most sustainable choices for our products and shipping materials. We do not use plastic in our packaging; instead, we exclusively use recyclable materials and FSC paper. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

At La bouche rouge, we set high standards to ensure the finest makeup results. To achieve this level of excellence, La bouche rouge powders are handcrafted, following an ancestral French know-how.

The powders are infused with natural pearls and a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to create the perfect color, comfort and coverage, which glides on the lips. This natural serum composition can sometimes result in a precious, yet fragile texture that, contrary to products industrially produced by a machine, can make powder surfaces appear irregular. Please note that this unusual aspect is not a flaw, but proof of the unique, superior quality of the serum powders.

Our lipsticks are made by hand in our atelier in France using metal, as opposed to silicone molds. Silicone molds are commonly used to brand lipsticks with a small logo and add a shiny effect to the bullet. The imprint and shade fade after a few uses, while the 400 million molds required for this process each year, cannot be recycled. We chose a metal mold to avoid waste production, though it can cause irregularities on the bullet, such as very small bubbles or matte traces. We apologize for this, though ensure that it does not alter the texture, hold, color or quality of the lipstick. The Maison is committed to continuous improvement, in a constant quest to bring you the most remarkable formulas and makeup results, all through a clean, plastic-free process. This little imperfection is a signature of the blue beauty concept of our lipstick, clean for you and clean for the planet - with no waste in our production.

La bouche rouge’s laboratory is the first to be able to create a color on demand, stemming from an infinite selection of shades. Each individual, each singular beauty, can find her own, in accordance with the Maison’s deeply rooted spirit of inclusivity. To define your made-to-measure shade, first choose your finish, either matte or satin, then select your preferred hue and name your personalized shade. To ensure the most accurate color selection, please use an Apple device at the highest luminosity.

Our team of experts will develop your sur-mesure lipstick color, down to the exact pigment. The creation process requires a minimum of 7 days to be finalized.

If you would like to create a lipstick shade based on an existing product (e.g. the color on a picture, a piece of clothing, another beauty item, etc.), please contact our Customer Service team via

We advise you clean your brushes every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on their use, with water and normal soap. Allow them to dry with the hairs facing down, to avoid water running into the wooden part of the brush.

La bouche rouge, Paris does not have any freestanding stores; however, you can shop our collection at the following retail locations.

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La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.