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Let your lipstick embody your personality. To inspire you in the search for your shade, we’ve called upon beauty experts to unveil their most beloved hues.

Babba Rivera x La bouche rouge

Babba Rivera's selection

“I love the wide range of lipstick colors offered from the brand, making it suitable for many different skin tones and preferences. I love a perfect red lip, or a minimal nude and with La Bouche Rouge I have found the perfect shades of nude and reds for my complexion.”

Mathilde Lacombe x La bouche rouge

Mathilde Lacombe's selection

"I like that it's affordable luxury. The packaging is amazing. They feel heavy in your hand and the formulas are really good. It's the perfect mix!"

Grace Mahary x La bouche rouge

Grace Mahary's selection

"All of the lipsticks are made with such precision in colour and texture. There are so many complimentary to my skin tone. I love the Rouge Vendôme to create The Perfect Red Lip. My other favorite lipstick shades are Plum, Nude Red, Self Service Satin, and Regal Red."

Alice Wang x La bouche rouge

Alice Wang's selection

Alice Wang made a selection of our best-selling nudes Le Nude Red, Nude Brown and Chestnut and red lipstick shades with a cold undertone, Passionate Red and Burgundy, as her absolute favorite shades.

Fong Min Liao x La bouche rouge

Fong Min Liao's selection

“Lipstick is my main makeup essential so it’s no surprise that the lipsticks are my favorite La bouche rouge products.”

Regina Burton x La bouche rouge

Regina Burton's selection

"I love the feeling of the high-quality leather and the refillability of the lipsticks. I like to keep things and to not change everything real quick. It's exactly that with La bouche rouge - it's a new brand with 'old ways' ."

Sophia Roe x La bouche rouge

Sophia Roe's selection

“First of all, I am an aesthetician by heart and I can’t deny the pleasure it gives me to hold a quality product with longevity and have a bathroom with “shelf worthy” packaging. With La bouche rouge, I invest in their products with a good consciousness knowing I am buying right.”

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.