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Extrait de parfum - 100 ml

"A sensual caress on silken skin, intimate but not innocent"

Alexandra Monet, Perfumer

Top note: Fig - Bergamot

Heart note: Rose - Iris

Base note: Cedarwood - Guaiac Wood


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A sensory and olfactory revolution

Silky skin

Under translucent flower petals, nymphs breathe warm air laden with fruit and freesia. Their skin whispers its perfume, infused with fig tree, cedar and musk. A silken caress, the divinely woody, powdery and tactile accord of Nude reveals the velvety texture of the skin.

A 100ml sustainable glass bottle, housed in a precious handmade beige leather case.
Metal and cork cap insert innovation.

"If Nude were a work of art, it would be Auguste Rodin's kiss. It is a perfume that invites you to touch, like a sensual caress on silken skin or the cool stone of a sculpture.

Intimate but not innocent. The elegant scent of guaiac wood and iris will stay for days after, lingering on your most beautiful cashmere."

Alexandra Monet - Perfumer

93% natural origin ingredients

30% upcycled ingredients

Organic-based alcohol

Applied to fine perfumery, upcycling is a new era that consists in recovering and revaluing surplus raw materials


La bouche rouge campaign image by artist and photographer Viviane Sassen
Alexandra Monet - Perfumer

A hand-crafted perfume object

French craftsmanship for design lovers.  The leather, as for the makeup line, comes from the prestigious Tanneries de Puy, and is certified by the label Entreprise du 'Patrimoine Vivant’ (living heritage company).

La bouche rouge Extrait de Parfum Nude in nude leather case

30% upcycled ingredients
90% natural ingredients
Buy once, refill forever

La bouche rouge The Manifest set

Choose your perfume according to the emotion that feels the closest to you.
There are 5 olfactory universes for you to choose from:

Rouge: a seductive chypre floral with notes of cedarwood and patchouli
Blue: a burst of salty sea spray with notes of incense and lavender
Nude: a fruity floral with notes of rose, fig and bergamot
Rose: a green floral bursting with notes of rose, cranberry and lychee
Amber: a balmy amber floral with notes of raspberry and vanilla

In order to choose the extrait de parfum that suits you best, you can try the Manifest Set with samples of 5 of our extraits de parfum.

For every purchase of a Manifest Set, receive a discount code worth the price of the set on the purchase of a 100ml extrait de parfum.

Discover the Manifest set

The Maison decided to offer a carte blanche to the greatest perfumers to create their first masterpiece of clean and upcycled perfumery.

5 artists, 5 emotions, 5 masterpieces. 

Rouge : Dora Baghriche

Ambre : Coralie Spicher

Bleu : Alexis Grugeon

Nude : Alexandra Monet

Rose : Nicolas Bonneville

Once opened, the extraits de parfum cannot be returned.

In case of an issue with your extrait de parfum, you can contact the customer service.

Our beauty objects are manufactured from upcycled leather by the prestigious Tanneries du Puy, certified by the label Entreprise du 'Patrimoine Vivant’ (living heritage company), with a unique finish obtained through vegetable tanning.
Handcrafted from artisanal leather, veins, small marks or irregularities on the surface of the leather are natural characteristics of this quality of skin and are not considered as imperfections.

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La bouche rouge campaign image by artist and photographer Viviane Sassen


La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.