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Louise Follain and Melodie Vaxelaire launch the Color "Folie".

We met Melodie Vaxelaire at Le Bon Marché shortly after our launch as she was looking for the perfect red to get for her the birthday of her close friend Louise Follain. Interested in our eco-responsible values, she was certain that this gift would please Louise who loves to give more meaning to her daily objects. Always spending time together, the two friends always meet as soon as they can whether it's in New York, Paris, Arles or even Greece for a few days. 

We meet them around Café on the side of the Canal Saint Martin in Paris – where Louise comes from. We introduce our ambition for La Bouche Rouge: to create the desire to consume differently, to fight against the use of plastic, to make beauty a circular and virtuous industry but also, to create the most beautiful, long-lasting lipstick. 

Particularly motivated by our project in Togo with Eau Vive International to give access to drinking water in isolated villages, Mélodie and Louise decide to create a unique color that would fit both of them perfectly and to give 100 liters of drinking water for each lipstick sold. 

The red lipstick shade "Folie" was born!

"We are particularly happy to be part of a project aiming at sustainability in fashion and cosmetics, one of the most polluting industries in the world. By changing what we buy, we can reduce our carbon footprint. More than a billion lipsticks are thrown every year." - Louise Follain and Mélodie Vaxelaire 

Shop the limited edition lipstick shade Folie here.

Lipstick Shade Folie