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Our project with Eau Vive Internationale


As a shortage of water is one of the primary causes of infant mortality today, we support Eau Vive Internationale. For each lipstick sold, La Bouche Rouge supplies 100 liters of safe drinking water to the Eau Vive Internationale association, as part of the Kara Eau program for children in Togo, in the Kemerida area and the village of Hilou. 

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In April 2019, we planned our first trip to Togo to meet the people from Eau Vive, explore the beautiful country, and look at all the work that has been done to provide safe drinking water to the children. Together with us travelled Mélodie Vaxelaire and Louise Follain, two amazing friends and advocates of our Maison, who were excited to see the first well which was inaugurated earlier this year, after having created their own color ‘Le Folie’ last year. 

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It is thanks to your support and trust that we are able to do this work and for that we truly want to thank you.


Imagining the beauty of the future is fine, but working to improve the reality of today’s world is even better. We don’t wait to share success, we share to be successful.



Image credits: Ulrich Knoblauch