Rethink, Refill, Recycle


La bouche rouge fine leather family in black with La Lumière Highlighter
La bouche rouge fine leather family in black with La Lumière Highlighter

Nature as a gift

A vision driven by purpose

Inspired by our love of nature, driven by a spirit of rebellion, we strive to craft precious, singular pieces – our objets de beauté – that stimulate a desire to consume differently, intentionally, and preserve our earth’s resources for today and generations to come.

Beauty for beauty, nature as a gift

Nicolas Gerlier

La bouche rouge fine leather family in Beige
A poetic campaign. To share this vision with the world, the Maison has called upon award-winning filmmaker Jacob John Harmer to create its new campaign: "Nature as a gift." Implementing his distinctive, narrative style and poetic approach, Jacob John Harmer translated La bouche rouge’s values and artistic spirit into a captivating film.

Opening with the sweeping landscapes of Les Ebihens, a small island in Brittany close to our founder’s hometown, the images showcase the impressive force and delicate fragility of our natural resources. Striking and cinematic, they honor the beauty of nature and emphasize the significance of preserving the planet, a notion that guides La bouche rouge in its every step.

La bouche rouge fine leather family in Black with La Lumière highlighter
Rippling waters, moss-covered stones, vast, open skies... A visual, poetic reverie that celebrates a place so precious to La bouche rouge and its founder, Nicolas Gerlier. This pure, natural landscape then shifts to the stunning architecture of Paris, symbol of art, innovation, history and inspiration – the city in which our Maison was founded.

Through these cinematic images, the film pays homage to the deeply rooted values, French essence and poetry found in La bouche rouge. Simultaneously, it expresses the House’s unyielding commitment to caring for people and the planet, as Nicolas tells the story that inspired his vision and desire to build this sustainable luxury brand.
La bouche rouge les Ombres Aral, Red compact case with the eyeshadow shader brush and eyeshadow blender brush

The sustainable routine

Embrace a form of beauty that celebrates the earth’s precious resources: the makeup ritual by La bouche rouge.

Comprised of sustainably-sourced ingredients and eco-conceived, refillable, recyclable packaging, each of the Maison’s creations is crafted to make life more beautiful while preserving the planet.

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.