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La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set

La bouche rouge x

Harold James

Awaken your inner confidence with the limited edition lipstick set by celebrity makeup artist Harold James. With its luminous, red hue, sensorial texture and fine leather case, it’s the ultimate ally to convey passion and strength.

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La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set

Le Rouge Harold

"Wearing the right energetic red makes you stand taller. You feel more defiant, and people pay attention to what you say. Le Rouge Harold looks gorgeous on literally every woman’s skin. The person who wearsthis lipstick is strong, determined and passionate."

La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set

The best of nature

Made with over 86% ingredients of natural origin, Le Rouge Harold’s clean formula is free of microplastics, beeswax, parabens or silicone.

La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set

The collaboration

"La bouche rouge gave me the opportunity to take my time in creating my ideal lipstick.  I absolutely wanted to get the perfect undertone that would bring this special light to Le Rouge Harold and work with all skin tones"

La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set

The perfect look

"A radiant complexion, some mascara and your red lipstick. I hope this luminous red can awaken your inner confidence."

"When conceiving the shade, I wanted every women to feel empowered."

Harold James

La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set
La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set
La bouche rouge x Harold James The Harold set

How did your love affair with La bouche rouge, Paris start?

The first time I had a La bouche rouge lipstick in my hands, I was amazed by its elegance, timeless design and the House’s rigorous commitment to sustainability and transparency.

What in the brand image, values and mission resonate the most with you?

I am very attentive when it comes to the issue of waste in fashion and beauty, and I appreciate that LBR can offer beautifully designed objects that last. This is one of the biggest philosophical changesI have seen in the beauty industry.

What would you say La bouche rouge and you have in common?

We share a desire to create a new form of luxury, where each individual is placed at the center, in a way that won’t compromise the future of people and the planet
What do you want people to feel when they apply your shade? 

I hope this luminous red can awaken their inner confidence for a business meeting, a date or an evening with girlfriends. 
What is the inspiration behind the shade that you have created? What were you looking to achieve? Why this shade? 

Strength, passion, determination are just a few of the adjectives to represent le rouge Harold. My celebrity-clientèle often have to wear haute couture dresses for red carpet appearance. I am always fascinated to see how certain precisely crafted fabrics add radiance to the face. The idea was to find the red that would bring that same light in one application. 

La bouche rouge fondateur Nicolas Gerlier

Why did you want to partner with Harold James for this collaboration?

He’s an expert that merges technique and artistry very well. He has a unique way of making women sublime, which is aligned with that of Le bouche rouge: to let one’s natural beauty come through, using healthy makeup, without any form of extreme transformation. He’s also the king of "glow." 

What are the qualities that you admire the most about Harold James?

He has great technical skills, all the while resting very artistic, and he always manages to make women beautiful by highlighting their natural beauty. 

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.