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83% of the world’s water is polluted by plastic

The cosmetic industry is one of the most polluting industries. We believe that only design and creativity in our daily life will put an end to marine plastic pollution.



Because an estimated one billion lipsticks are thrown away every year in the world, we have designed the first plastic-free and refillable lipstick case. We developed the first environmentally-friendly refill with no PP (Polypropylene) or POM (Polyoxymethylene), made in France.
We have also changed the way we produce lipstick by refusing to pour our lipsticks into one single-use silicone mold—as is common practice in the industry—using a re-usable metal mold instead.

We have chosen to design our cases with stainless steel, which not only can be recycled indefinitely, but also contains mostly recycled material, and as such has a low carbon footprint. Inalterable, stainless steel is also neutral with respect to the environment: when in contact with elements such as water, it does not corrode, meaning contamination is avoided. The resistance and durability of stainless steel give it unmatched longevity. Our design Pioneer approach has been awarded by the French Design Institut label Janus in 2018. 

Our approach is to continuously improve ourselves in every possible way—in our production, distribution and design—avoiding plastic as much as possible and reducing our impact on the environment.