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The Rosy Glow

La bouche rouge The Rosy Glow by Karim Rahman

Achieve the perfect, rosy glow with the natural look created by makeup artist Karim Rahman.

La bouche rouge Rosewood lifestyle par Karim Rahman

Once curling the lashes, glide on the Sérum Noir mascara, insisting at the roots to add volume and intensity, then only leaving a light coat at the tips to prevent them from losing their curl.

Next, clean up the brows using the Eyebrow Brush, then enhance your natural brow line by using the Eyebrow Serum, lightly brushing upwards.

Then turn to Les Ombres eyeshadow palette in Salton. Begin with the deepest color of the palette, applying it with your fingertip for a highly pigmented base. Insist on the lash line to bring intensity, then blend it across the lid, starting at the inner corner and lash line, using the Eyeshadow Shader brush for a soft gradient color.

La bouche rouge Le Sérum Noir lifestyle par Karim Rahman
La bouche rouge fine leather lipstick cases lifestyle par Karim Rahman

Apply the same hue to the bottom lash line using the Eyeshadow Blender Brush, again, insisting on the lash line and blending out to create the perfect, pink smokey eye.

Finish by using the lightest color from the palette, applying it using the Eyeshadow Blender Brush to highlight the lip’s Cupid’s bow.

Once the eyes are done, tend to your complexion by applying La Terre Brune bronzer, sculpting your features by following the natural form of the face.


La bouche rouge Pop Art Red lifestyle by Karim Rahman

Lastly, veil your lips in color with the Rosewood lipstick. Apply it first with the tip of your finger to make the pigment more intense and help create the ideal shape. Perfect the edges using the Lip Brush.

If you prefer a more intense lip, use the Pop Art Red hue. Apply it in the same manner, and for greater density, follow with a coat of the lipstick applied directly onto your lips, without your finger. It’s important to finish with the Lip Brush (La bouche rouge’s is literally to die for!) to perfect the form, edges and Cupid’s bow.

Karim Rahman. Steeped in the realm of perfumery from an early age, Karim Rahman approaches the world of beauty with the eye of an artist. Through his singular looks, the renowned makeup artist quickly drew the attention of the fashion realm’s most prominent names, leading him to collaborate with iconic photographers, magazines and brands.

La bouche rouge Karim Rahman

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.