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Le Rouge Elsa Routine

La bouche rouge Elsa Hosk Le Rouge Elsa in lilac

Born in Sweden, international model Elsa Hosk has graced countless runways and magazines around the world. Explore her easy routine for a bold, red lip that exudes effortless cool using Le Rouge Elsa created with La bouche rouge.

La bouche rouge lime green family

To start it off, I like to use Les Ombres Tage palette to subtly shade my eyelids, as well as to fill in my brows and use the warmest hue as a bronzer on my face. This palette is so versatile.

Then I use La Lumière highlighter, which is just so, so gorgeous. I go very light with this, using a tiny brush, and just do a little, little, little wash on the eyelid. Then, I just go in pretty much everywhere with it.

La bouche rouge lime green family lifestyle

I top it off with the Sérum Noir mascara. So, this is not going to show the actual power of this mascara because I'm just doing literally one layer, but it is one of my favorite formulas because it is so buildable.

Lastly, I glide on the Rouge Elsa lipstick we created. I’m proud to say that this lipstick color really beats them all. I described the colors to the team at La bouche rouge and I’m ecstatic about the result.

La bouche rouge Elsa Hosk Le Rouge Elsa in lilac

"You wear this look with a white t-shirt. Just slick back your hair; keep it natural. This is very sexy, cool, iconic and effortless."

Elsa Hosk

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.