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La bouche rouge Bon Marché podium

January 2022

Le Bon Marché Podium

From Jan. 24th to Feb. 13th, guests were invited to experience La bouche rouge’s podium at Le Bon Marché. There, we were delighted to share the beauty of Maison’s singular realm and assist visitors in uncovering the perfect presents for Valentine’s Day, ideally suited to those they cherish most.

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La bouche rouge pop-up

November 2021

Pop-up Palais Royal

In its constant quest to innovate and create meaningful collaborations and experiences, the Maison unveiled a unique pop-up gallery in Paris’ Palais Royal for guests to truly experience La bouche rouge in all its facets.

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La bouche rouge The Webster Art House

January 2021

The Webster Art House

La bouche rouge was proud to be part of The Webster Art House, a virtual reality gallery with seven brand-focused, immersive experiences on view. The gallery space displayed our collaboration with the Yves Klein Archives and featured a room of ultramarine pigments with an enlarged lipstick in the center providing a pop of pink.

La bouche rouge Eau Vive International

July 2019

Eau Vive Internationale

On the 6th of April 2019, the La bouche rouge team flew to Togo to meet the villagers of Hilou and discover the drinking water services set up by Eau Vive Internationale, the program La bouche rouge has been supporting since its launch.

La bouche rouge love in blue campaign
La bouche rouge love in blue campaign
La bouche rouge logo

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.