On March 15th, La Bouche Rouge is bringing perfumery into the 21st century

La bouche rouge Red Extrait de parfum matching bouquet


Extrait de parfum

Overcome by the sensuality of warm spices, the provocative heart notes of Rouge are stirred into action by the deep seduction of exotic woods and mysterious vetiver. An assertive love at first sight.

"It’s anything but reasonable!

A sensual tremble of spices on the skin."

Dora Baghriche, Perfumer

Top note
: Ginger, Pink Peppercorn

Heart note: Patchouli, Benzoin

Base note: Cedar Wood, Vetiver

La bouche rouge Nude Extrait de parfum matching bouquet


Extrait de parfum

Under translucent flower petals, nymphs breathe warm air laden with fruit and freesia. Their skin whispers its perfume, infused with fig tree, cedar and musk. A silken caress, the divinely woody, powdery and tactile accord of Nude reveals the velvety texture of the skin.

"A sensual caress on silken skin, intimate but not innocent"
Alexandra Monet, Perfumer.

Top note
: Fig - Bergamot

Heart note: Rose - Iris

Base note: Cedarwood - Guaiac Wood

La bouche rouge Bleu Extrait de parfum matching bouquet


Extrait de parfum

At the edge of the sky and the sea, Bleu blends fresh aromatic scents with sea spray. Sun-drenched, Bleu releases bursts of rose mixed with woody iodine to mimic the sensual smell of salt on skin.

"A wave of freshness under a hot sun."
Alexis Grugeon, Perfumer

Top note: Lavender - Pink Pepper

Heart note: Geranium Bourbon - Centifolia Rose

Base note: Cedarwood - Incense

La bouche rouge Ambre Extrait de parfum matching bouquet


Extrait de parfum

A beam of golden sunlight activates the heart of Ambre, releasing dazzling bursts of raspberry and saffron that blossom in the light. Bewitching woody scents mingle with the sweet aromas of vanilla.

" A sandy rose, enchanting and elegant"
Coralie Spicher, Perfumeur​

Top note: Raspberry - Pink peppe

Heart note: Rose - Saffron

Base note: Sandalwood - Vanilla

La bouche rouge Rose Extrait de parfum matching bouquet


Extrait de parfum

The morning air is crisp at the turn of spring, carrying the scent of a world come to life. A crumpled green leaf crunches under foot. The graceful scent of rose mingles with fresh berries growing on a nearby bush.

"As morning breaks, a fresh rose blooms in the Jardin de Bagatelle in Paris."
Nicolas Bonneville - Perfumer

Top note: Redcurrant - Lychee

Heart note: Geranium Bourbon - Rose

Base note: Cedarwood - Musk

A sensory and olfactory revolution is coming...