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La bouche rouge x Lovisa Barkman Le Rose Lovisa Set

La bouche rouge x


Discover Le Rose Lovisa, a luminous satin nude created by Swedish content creator Lovisa Barkman. The perfect pink for everyday wear, Le Rose Lovisa is designed to enhance your natural lip color.

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What is your personal approach to beauty or your beauty philosophy?

Keep it simple, natural and glowy! I think less is more and it's all about the products.

What inspired you to create this shade with La bouche rouge?

It was a dream to create my dream shade together with such a nice brand as La bouche rouge. I had a really clear picture from the start about the shade I wanted to create. The shade I have been missing and looking for everywhere in the right formula. So happy to create it with so well selected natural ingredients.

How does wearing Le Rose Lovisa is supposed to make one feel?

Romantic, confident and ready to take the world with a big smile on your face!

La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.