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La bouche rouge

The Iconics

La bouche rouge Abricot blush on model
La bouche rouge Abricot blush on model

One swipe for

Endless Radiance

Experience a nourishing natural glow with our easy-to-use Blush Sticks.

Slip one of 5 shades into your bag for a natural summer look day or night.


An olfactory revolution

5 colors, 5 emotions, 5 masterpieces

La bouche rouge Iconic Nude Red and Iconic Nude Claire Rose

The Iconics. Our bestselling lipstick shades in a red fine leather case. Experience the best of the best.


Lipsticks. 38 long-lasting, highly-pigmented shades made from nourishing natural ingredients. The best lipstick you’ll ever wear.

La bouche rouge lipstick shades

Highlighter Sticks. 4 light-capturing highlighter sticks that sculpt your features and adapt to every skin tone.

La bouche rouge Highlighter sticks
La bouche rouge Compact Cases

Eyeshadow Palette. 5 must-have palettes inspired by the world’s flowing rivers. Ultra-concentrated pigments, enriched with hyaluronic acid.


La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message.