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Giedre Dukauskaite unveils the red Neon

Giedre Dukauskaite has been a friend of our brand for several months now. We met her at the last Parisian Fashion Week and stumbled upon the charm of her innate elegance. Giedre was immediately fascinated by La Bouche Rouge, she talks about our meeting in Paris: "It was a love at first sight!". Edgy and committed, Giedre has a keen awareness of the industry in which she evolves. Revolted by the waste of plastic, she conceives our collaboration as a way to promote a cleaner choice for cosmetics. Giedre has been particularly touched by the project in Togo with Eau Vive International and will join us for the inauguration of our first well very soon. It is a great pleasure for us to collaborate with Giedre as she did everything she could, even design a t-shirt for our trip – to join our project. The color Neon Giedre is just like her fresh and smart!