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Multi-talented and simply cool Chloë Sevigny creates the ultimate red shade in collaboration with La Bouche Rouge.

What is your makeup routine?

I’m like a red-lips-with-everything kind of girl. Whenever I need an extra oomph I wear it. Make-up has the power to do so much, it’s so bold a statement. Otherwise I wear Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - my lashes are probably one of my best features, so I can spend a lot of time doing that. I have blonde lashes too, so if I don’t have mascara on I can look a little sickly. Though I do like that nude eye and red lip look too. Then maybe a little blush and concealer. Now I’m 43 I think it’s almost better not to wear too much make-up. That’s why the French do it best.

How did you decide to launch this collaboration?

La Bouche Rouge just makes the most beautiful products. A lot of people approach me to do collaborations and projects, from beauty to fashion, and I try to be selective and be sure I really believe in the products and what they’re selling. In terms of coming up with the colour, they sent me a lot of testers and I’d be wearing different colours throughout the day to test them out. I really did my due diligence - I probably did more work than I had to! But I felt like it was such an opportunity - I always wear an orange-red but I’ve never been able to capture the right texture and colour. Red is high-maintenance and takes reapplication. But the good thing about this one is it fades matt but doesn’t do that dry, flaky thing, it becomes a stain. That was the most impressive thing to me. It wears really beautifully and is long lasting. It's like a miracle lipstick, there's something about the texture and scent. It's really luxurious and I’m into luxuriating right now.

How do you define elegance?

For me it’s more about a natural beauty. I think that Parisian women aren't as heavy handed when it comes to makeup and style, and there’s an innate elegance in the way they carry themselves and a confidence. So that's what it means to me and what I strive for. They just like being very casual.

What is your color inspiration?

I’ve just been wearing orange-red for years now. It's just a color that automatically makes you look nicer when you put it on. When I’m feeling down and I want to brighten up my look or whatever. Also, when me and my boyfriend are out on the town and I’m walking into a restaurant and he hasn't got a table I’m like “Oh my god let me put on my lipstick.” I will always pull out my lipstick and put it on before we walk into the restaurant in hopes that it gets us a table, as if it has a magic power.

What makes you a Bouche Rouge (committed to a cause bigger than lipstick)?

I loved what a lipstick can help raising awareness about plastic pollution with the use of reusable fabric and their emphasis on sustainability. You know I'm all about buying something that's a little more expensive but will last longer. I think that's always the way to go. I like this idea of just one beautiful package and getting to refill it.