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"83% of the world’s water is polluted by plastic"

At 36, I decided to launch the first Maison de maquillage, French, sustainable, and humanist with the aim to create a desire for a different type of consumption. An eighth continent of waste is on the brink of exploding. It wouldn’t be possible today to create a beauty Maison that isn’t eco-friendly, that has no meaning, that isn’t part of a social project. 83% of the world's water is polluted by microplastic and cosmetics is the second most polluting industry. One year ago, on September 9th 2016, my encounter with Ezra Petronio was decisive. He is responsible for the design and the creative direction of La Bouche Rouge and has accepted to collaborate with me in this adventure. He is the House’s eye and hand. Our lipstick is called the Rouge 9.16, as a symbol of our collaboration and the sign of the great pleasure we have to work with him and his studio between Paris and New York. This is a beautiful creative story that is always the result of common work.

Nicolas Gerlier


Ezra Petronio