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Pure and Beautiful

For two years, we challenged our own R&D teams to find the perfect balance between a clean texture and an amazing makeup result.


Pure Ingredients

We turned everything upside-down and invested in research to create a lipstick that is pure and safe for a woman’s body. As lipstick is a form of makeup that may be ingested, we are against using any products containing endocrine-disrupting substances. We will always choose a pure alternative or otherwise go without. Our lipstick formula does not contain any form of perfume, as fragrance is an allergen.

We manage to avoid PMMA*, as nobody wants to eat microplastics. We have replaced preservatives with a natural anti-oxidant, free from animal fat, parabens and paraffin. Our products are not tested on animals. As such, we refuse to export to China as, for decades, Chinese legislation has forced every brand distributed there to be animal tested*polymethyl methacrylate


We have developed unique red color infusion savoir-faire enabling us to create vibrant tones with a smooth, sensorial feeling without using any kind of powder, which often cause the lips to dry out. Our Pioneer approach and the high quality of our formula enable us to win the Attracta Beauty Award for " the most ravishing Red" in 2018. 

Thanks to the comfort and long lasting properties of our formula we won Allure's "Best of Beauty" Award for 2018.