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3.0 Atelier


Red obsession

We are fascinated by red.

“More than just a color, red is an energy force”

Red is the most important color; it’s the color of femininity, passion, expression - it's the color of life. Red ignites the imagination.

Red writes history. At the court of Versailles, every shade of red confers a particular elegance and status: Garance red for the seductress, Garnet red for the spiritual woman and Pink-red for the virtuous woman.

Throughout the centuries, following different fashions and female emancipation, red has become the iconic color of made-up lips. There's a different shade of red for every woman. La Bouche Rouge finds the right red for each woman. Red stirs the emotions. 

What’s yours?



We developed a unique red color infusion savoir-faire that allows us to create all the shades one can see, with high precision, to the very pigment. Measuring what this discovery could bring, we have undertaken to create a new Atelier of Color.

This 3.0 high-tech Atelier uses micronized pigments and an artificial intelligence algorithm. It is directly connected to our clients' smartphones or tablets.

Today we are able to create all the shades of colors that exist. By analyzing a photo or object via a mobile application, our Atelier is able to produce your own particular made-to-measure formula, numbered and available all over the world. This service has already been tested and assessed with an advance preview by the first Bouches Rouges and will be available for all next fall.

True to our values, our manufacturing process also involves revolutionary water- and energy-saving techniques.